Sales -- Related Library Topics

Regarding Sales Process

Foundations for Successful Sales

What is Sales?
--- Understanding the Sales Process
--- Understanding the Sales Cycle
Value of Product Knowledge
Useful Skills to Have in Sales
--- Useful Business Skills for Salespeople
--- Useful People Skills for Salespeople
Understanding Types of Clients and How to Engage Them
--- Types of Clients
--- Multi-cultural Customers and Sales

Sales Process and Sales Pipeline

1. Generating Leads - Using Sales Channels
--- Direct Postal Mail
--- Email
--- Face-to-face
--- Internet and Web
--- Social Networking
--- Telemarketing (Phone)
--- Trade Shows
2. Qualifying the Client -- Is Client a Prospect?
--- First Impressions and Establishing Rapport With Leads
--- Understand the Needs and Wants of Each Lead -- Ask the Right Questions
--- Getting to Decision-Makers
3. Sales Interviews and Presentations With Prospects
--- Opening Statements
--- Establishing Rapport and Trust
--- Really Listening (Verbal and Nonverbal)
--- Effusive Sales Presentations
--- Dealing With Objections
4. Sales Proposals and Negotiations
--- Proposals and Sales Letters
--- Negotiations
5. Closing the Sale
--- Techniques for Closing
--- Sales Contracts
6. Account Maintenance and Management
--- Customer Service
--- Customer Satisfaction

Miscellaneous Perspectives and Challenges and Pitfalls

Various Philosophies of Marketing and Sales
Challenges and Pitfalls

Managing Yourself for Successful Sales

Staying Motivated
Keeping Positive Attitude
Organizing Yourself
Managing Your Time and Stress

Managing Sales Activities and Sales Force

Sales Staffing and Training
Sales Forecasting and Goals
Motivating Sales Force
Measuring and Evaluating Sales Activities
Compensating Sales Force

General Resources

Resources Providing Many Resources
Glossary and Dictionaries About Sales
Free Tools and Templates

Broader Related Topics

Business Development

Positioning: Deciding and Conveying Your Unique Selling Position
Product Development
Public and Media Relations
E-Commerce: Doing Business on the Internet

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