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Project Management -- Related Library Topics

Basics About Planning

Involve the Right People in the Planning Process
Write Down the Planning Information and Communicate it Widely
Goals and Objectives Should Be SMARTER
Build in Accountability (Regularly Review Who's Doing What and By When?)
Note Deviations from the Plan and Replan Accordingly
Evaluate the Planning Process and the Plan
Realize that the Recurring Planning Process is at Least as Important as the Plan Document
Ensure the Nature of the Process is Compatible to the Nature of Planners
A Critical -- But Frequently Missing Step -- Acknowledgement and Celebration of Results

Project Management

Foundations of Project Management

Basics of Planning
Overviews of Project Management
Roles in Project Management
Skills Required to Leading Teams and People

Doing Project Management

Feasibility Studies -- Project Worth Doing?
Project Planning -- Outcomes, Goals and Objectives?
Resource Allocation -- What Need to Implement?
Risk Management Analysis
Ethical Analysis of Project
Implementation of Project Plan
How Ensure Implementation While Managing Change?

Earned Value Mgmt -- How Measure Progress?
Communicating Your Plans and Status
- - We Communicate to Whom and When?
Evaluating Projects and Results -- How Do We
- - Evaluate Implementation and Project Results?
When Projects Are in Trouble -- What do?
Pitfalls and What Do We Do If They Occur?

General Resources and Topics Regarding Project Management

Glossaries of Project Management Terms
Resources With Many Resources About Project
Software Tools to Do Project Management Process
Organizations Focused on Project Management
Getting PMP Certification
Some Related Fields
Related Library Topics

Broader Related Topics

Business Development
Business Planning

Chaos Theory
Controlling / Coordinating the Implementation of Plans
Creativity and Innovation
Decision Making
Finances and Accounting (For-Profit)
Finances and Accounting (Nonprofit)
General Planning Process: Guidelines for Successful Planning
Guidelines, Methods and Resources for Organizational Change Agents
Management by Objectives
Organizing Resources to Implement Plans
Organizational Sustainability
Performance Management (generic)
Planning (includes numerous types of planning)
Problem Solving
Product Development
Program Management
Project Planning
Strategic Planning
Sustainable Development
Systems Thinking

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