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Core Competencies

Suggested Core Competencies and Resources to Manage in Any Situation
Basic Guide to Management and Supervision
Free Ethics Toolkit for the Workplace (with a focus on practical methods)
Decision Making (selecting a course of action)
Planning -- Basics (establishing goals and how they will be reached)
Problem Solving (analyzing alternatives and selecting a course of action)

Understanding "Big Picture" of Organizations and Management

What is Management? How Do I Manage?
Basics -- Definitions (and Misconceptions) in Management (also includes 4 major functions)
View That Leading Is Different Than Managing
Historical Theories in Management
Contemporary Theories in Management
New Paradigm in Management

Major Functions of Management

Major Function -- Planning
Major Function -- Organizing
Major Function -- Leading
Major Function -- Coordinating/Controlling

Managing Yourself

Leading Yourself (assertiveness, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, stress, etc.)
Personal Development (includes several topics, for example, assessments, setting goals, etc.)
Personal Productivity (includes several topics, for example, decision making, problem solving, etc.)
Personal Wellness (includes several topics, for example, self-confidence, assertiveness, etc.)

Managing Groups

Conflict Management in Groups
Group-Based Problem Solving and Decision Making
Group Dynamics (basics about nature of groups, stages of group development, etc)
Group Performance Management
Group Skills
Meeting Management
Project Management
Systems Thinking (seeing larger structures and patterns in processes of groups and organizations)
Team Building

Managing Organizations

Guidelines, Methods and Resources for Organizational Change Agents
Organizational Communications
Organizational Performance Management
Organizational Sustainability
Strategic Planning (in nonprofit or for-profit organizations)
Sustainable Development
Systems Thinking (seeing larger structures and patterns in processes of groups and organizations)

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