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Human Resources and Talent Management -- Related Library Topics

Getting the Best Employees

All About Human Resources
Basic Terms in Staffing
Employee Benefits and Compensation
Employee Performance Management
How to Lead and Manage in Your Organization
Jobs and Career Development
Personal Wellness
Personnel Policies
Staffing -- Workforce planning
Staffing -- Specifying Jobs and Roles
Staffing -- Recruiting
Staffing -- Outsourcing (having services and functions performed by non-employees)
Staffing -- Screening Applicants
Staffing -- Selecting (Hiring) New Employees

Paying Employees and Providing Benefits

Employee law
Human Resource Management
Motivating Employees
Personnel Policies
Rewarding Performance
Work-Life Balance

Training Employees

(See Training and Development)

Ensuring Compliance to Regulations

Personnel Polices and Records
Employee Laws, Topics and Issues
Ethics - Practical Toolkit

Ensuring Safe Work Environments

Diversity Management
Dealing with Drugs in the Workplace
Employee Assistance Programs
Ergonomics: Safe Facilities in the Workplace
Dealing with HIV/AIDS in the Workplace
Personal Wellness
Preventing Violence in the Workplace
Ensuring Safety in the Workplace
Supporting Spirituality in the Workplace
Diversity Management

Sustaining High-Performing Employees

Talent Management

Employee Performance Management
Group Performance Management
Interpersonal Skills
Personal Productivity
Retaining Employees

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