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Boards of Directors -- Related Library Topics

The topic "Boards" includes information for for-profits and nonprofits. Information specific to one type of organization is marked as such.

Topics To Help Board Members Fulfill Their Legal Responsibilities

Boards of Directors
Business Planning for For-Profits or Nonprofits
Chief Executive Officer Role
Controlling / Coordinating the Implementation of Plans
Financial Management in For-Profits
Financial Management in Nonprofits
Financing by For-Profit Organizations
Guidelines, Methods and Resources for Organizational Change Agents
Human Resource Management
Leadership Development Planning
Legal Information
Management Development Planning
Organizational Performance Management
Starting an Organization
Strategic Planning (in nonprofit or for-profit organizations)
Supervisoral Development Planning
Systems Thinking
Tax Information for For-Profits
Tax Information for Nonprofits

Topics to Help Board Members Conduct Effective Meetings

Conflict (interpersonal)
Conflict Management in Groups
Handling Difficult People
Meeting Management
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Diversity and Inclusion
Team Building

Topics to Help Board Members Supervise the Chief Executive Officer

Evaluating the Chief Executive
Firing Employees
Leadership Development Planning
Overview of the Role of Chief Executive
Staffing (including job definition, advertising, interviewing, hiring, and so on)
Sustaining a High-Quality Relationship Between Board and Chief Executive

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