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Quiz to Test Your General Knowledge of Leadership

You do not need to register or give personal information to take this quiz. See Design of Free Management Library's Quizzes.

This multiple-choice quiz is based on the content at How to Lead in Organizations. There can be more than one answer to a question unless otherwise specified. To do this quiz:

  1. Answer each of the questions to get a total score. Your score will be shown near the top after you have clicked on "Done". If there is no score, then you probably missed answering a question.
  2. You also will be shown the results for each question, including:
    - Green checkmark means a correct choice that you had selected.
    - Gray background means a correct choice that you had not selected.
    - Red checkmark means a wrong choice that you had selected.
  3. To retake the quiz, reload the browser window or open another.