Introduction to Personal Financial Management

Obviously, financial management is a critical function in organizations. Successful leadership and management of others requires successful leadership and management of oneself. Financial management is a critical function in self-management.

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Basics of Personal Financial Planning
Evaluating Your Personal Financial Situation
Insurance Planning
Consumer Credit and Debts
Tax Planning
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Estimating Your Net Worth

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Basics of Personal Financial Planning

Understanding and Controlling Your Finances -- The Basics
Understanding and Controlling Your Finances -- Incentives
Understanding and Controlling Your Finances -- Understanding Your Current Position
Understanding and Controlling Your Finances -- Gaining Control
Understanding and Controlling Your Finances -- Balanced Financial Life

Personal Financial Resources (geared toward investment planning, but addresses basic questions)
DollarTimes: Financial budget calculators useful for personal finance
Financial Dictionary contains articles about the most popular and commonly used financial terms
The Power and Meaning of Money

Evaluating Your Personal Financial Situation

Financial Fitness Test
Financial Fitness as Physical Fitness!
Test Your Financial Fitness


How to Make a Budget and Stick to It
Budgeting Tips
Budgeting 101 (free online course)

Insurance Planning

(disability, medical, life insurance, auto, home)

Basics and Planning

Auto Insurance Basics
Home Insurance Basics
- - - Frequently Asked Questions
Disability Insurance
Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions
- - - Life Insurance General Top 10 Questions
Top 25 Health Insurance Companies


66 Ways to Save Money
75 Painless Money-Saving Tips
free newsletter with many ideas

Consumer Credit and Debts

Money: 9 Tips to Avoid Overspending
Rebuilding Credit FAQ
Loans -- Getting


Investing 101
Frequently Asked Investment Questions
Glossary of Financial Terms
101 Ways to Save Money

Tax Planning

Tax Planning Guide
Start Planning Now for Next Year's Taxes
Tax Planning Basics

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning Basics
another view of retirement planning
Retirement Planning - Plan Now!

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Basics
Estate Planning -- An Introduction
Estate Planning Forms

Estimating Your Net Worth

an online calculator
Net Worth Calculator
How Much Are You Worth?

General Resources

Massive Personal Finance Resource List
Financial Planning Toolkit List of Articles
Tools & Financial Calculators

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