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You've Got an Attitude (Improving Your Attitude)

A person's attitude represents how they feel or their state of mind about something. For example, one can have a good (or positive) attitude toward their work, usually meaning that they feel good about their work, their job, their organization, etc. Many features of working in an organization can cause a person to have a poor attitude about their jobs and organizations (that is, they feel bad about their jobs and organizations), eg, inadequate compensation, conflicts with their supervisor, inconsistent or conflicting communications from senior management, unfulfilling work, hostile communications between employees, etc. Some people adopt a poor attitude because that is their way "of being in the world," ie, they often resent their environment no matter what is going on around them. Some people feel poorly about themselves, which affects their attitude about their environment, as well. In contrast, some people work hard to keep a positive attitude. These people often have better overall health and can effectively address major challenges in the workplace, as well.

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