Large-Scale Interventions for Organizational Change

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    Large-Scale Interventions for Organizational Change

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    Overview of Large-Scale Interventions
    Some Specific Large-Scale Interventions

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    Overview of Large-Scale Interventions

    The field of Organization Development sees large-scale organizational change
    as being across most or all of an organization. However, with the recent focus
    on transformational — fundamental and radical — change, practitioners often
    refer to large-scale interventions as means to accomplish transformational change.
    Types of large-scale interventions are als referred to as whole systems models.

    In Leading
    Large Scale Change: A Practical Guide
    , the authors define large-scale change
    as “the process of mobilising a large collection of individuals, groups
    and organisations toward a vision of a fundamentally new future state, by means
    • Key themes that can make a big difference
    • A shift in power and a more distributed leadership
    • Comprehensive and active engagement of stakeholders
    • Mutually reinforcing changes in multiple systems and processes”

    The following links gives a broad overview of various large-scale interventions.

    Guidelines and Resources for Whole Systems

    Using Real-Time Strategic Change
    When Should You Use the Change Management Readiness Checklist
    and Resources for Whole Systems Change in Organizations

    Some Specific Large-Scale Interventions

    The following might be considered examples of large-scale intervention techniques,
    although there certainly has been argument about what technically qualifies
    as such an intervention.
    Marv Weisbord’s Future
    Search Conference

    Dick Axelrod’s Conference
    Model Redesign

    Carter McNamara’s Integrated Peer Learning Communities
    and Resources for Whole Systems Change in Organization

    Cultural Change
    Methods and Resources for Organizational Change Agents

    Large-Scale Change: A Practical Guide
    Large-Group Interventions

    General Resources

    Leith’s Guide to Large Group Intervention Methods
    Yahoo! Groups
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    Implementing Any Large-scale Organizational Change

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