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Overview of Large-Scale Interventions

The field of Organization Development sees large-scale organizational change as being across most or all of an organization. However, with the recent focus on transformational -- fundamental and radical -- change, practitioners often refer to large-scale interventions as means to accomplish transformational change. Types of large-scale interventions are als referred to as whole systems models.

Robert Rhouda, of the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minnesota, provides a specific, itemized definition of large-scale interventions for organizational change, in his paper, Background and Theory for Large Scale Organizational Change. According to Rhouda, "The major features of large-scale, real-time change management process include:

  1. the theory-base uses less action research and discrepancy theory, and focuses on application of systems theory
  2. the data base source is no longer internal to the organization, but now involves both the organization and its environment (an open-systems approach)
  3. the data base, which formerly had limited availability, is now widely shared throughout the organization
  4. time: what was formerly a slow "waterfall" process is now a fast, quick response which results in immediate action taking place
  5. learning moves from the individual or unit to the whole organization
  6. the responsibility and accountability moves from senior management to a mixture of senior management plus the whole system
  7. the consultant role, formerly reserved for data collection and feedback, now also includes structures and facilities for data analysis and action planning
  8. the change process moves from incremental change to fundamental, organization-wide change"

The following links gives a broad overview of various large-scale interventions.
Guidelines and Resources for Whole Systems Change

Background and Theory for Large Scale Organizational Change
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Guidelines and Resources for Whole Systems Change in Organizations

Some Specific Large-Scale Interventions

The following might be considered examples of large-scale intervention techniques, although there certainly has been argument about what technically qualifies as such an intervention.
Marv Weisbord's Future Search Conference
Dick Axelrod's Conference Model Redesign
Carter McNamara's Integrated Peer Learning Communities
Guidelines and Resources for Whole Systems Change in Organization
Cultural Change
Guidelines, Methods and Resources for Organizational Change Agents

General Resources

Leith's Guide to Large Group Intervention Methods
Yahoo! Groups (must register)

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