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Various Competencies Needed by Management (Including Supervisors)

Assembled by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD

The following articles provide a variety of advice, hints, tips, etc. to be a more effective manager. Note that the role of supervision is also a management role in the organization. Therefore, the following articles will also be useful for guidance to be a more effective supervisor.

Note that to really understand the "territory" of management, you should read Gaining Broad Understanding of Organizational Management.

(You might also be interested in reading some advice, hints, tips, etc. to be a more effective leader. If so, see Suggested Traits and Characteristics of Highly Effective Leaders.)

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Various Perspectives on Competencies That Managers Should Have

There are many perspectives on "What makes a very good manager?" Perhaps the most important goal for a new manager is to review a variety of perspectives and then come to their own conclusion.

Example of Competencies List (lists about trainer positions; look at to see level of content)
Role of Managers under Different Styles of Management
Six Important Managerial Skills for Successful Leadership
How to Lead your Employees to Top Performance
Management Styles
Managing People Tips
How to Manage Employees
Priority Management: Keep the Main Things the Main Thing
Staff is Overwhelmed: What Do You Do?
Tips for First-Time Managers, From First-Time Managers
Manage Less to Manage Better

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