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Similar to mentoring, there are many perspectives on the definition of counseling, especially since the relatively recent popularity of personal and professional coaching. Traditionally, counseling might have been described as the activities conducted by a person (the counselor) for another person (the client, friend, etc.) in order to help that other person to solve a problem in regard to themselves, someone else or some other situation. An untrained counselor might provide counseling primarily by offering advice. A professional counselor might work with a variety of other tools, eg, assessments, diagnosis, treatment plans, deep listening, values clarification, direct advice, etc. The approaches and variety of tools used by a professional counselor depend a great deal on their training and paradigms (overall views) of the counselor, eg, psychodynamic, behavioral, humanistic, etc.

Today, there seems to be much ongoing discussion and debate about the definitions and differences regarding coaching and mentoring, and also counseling.

Various Perspectives on Counseling

Big Dog on Counseling (scroll down to "Counseling")
Confrontation Counseling (telling an employee they have a problem and must face it)
Performance Counseling Practice Session

Also see Recognizing Performance Problems ("Performance Gaps").


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