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Board and Staff Responsibilities -- Test Your Knowledge

Applies to for-profits unless otherwise noted.

Use the following table to test your knowledge of the differences between the roles of the board and staff of an organization. Under the column titled "Responsibility", note if the activity is:

Then compare your answers to the table at Board and Staff Responsibilities.



Director the process of planning |
Provide input to long range goals |
Approve long range goals |
Formulate annual objectives |
Approve annual objectives |
Prepare performance reports on achievement of goals and objectives |
Monitor achievement of goals and objectives |


Assess stakeholder (customers, community) needs |
Oversee evaluation of products, services and programs |
Maintain program records; prepare program reports |
Prepare preliminary budget |
Finalize and approve budget |
See that expenditures are within budget during the year |
Approve expenditures outside authorized budget |
Insure annual audit of organization accounts |


Employ Chief Executive |
Direct work of the staff |
Hire and discharge staff member |
Decision to add staff |
Settle discord among staff |


Interpret organization to community |
Write news stories |
Provide organization linkage with other organizations |


Appoint committee members |
Call Committee Chair to urge him/her into action |
Promote attendance at Board/Committee meetings |
Recruit new Board members |
Plan agenda for Board meetings |
Take minutes at Board meetings |
Plan and propose committee organization |
Prepare exhibits, material and proposals for Board and Committees |
Sign legal documents |
Follow-up to insure implementation of Board and Committee decisions |
Settle clash between Committees |

For the Category of Boards of Directors:

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