7 Best Free CRM App for Small Businesses in 2022

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    Customer relationship management (CRM) apps are essential tools for any small business, and you can find both free CRM apps and paid ones. These tools can help you reach new clients and sales milestones. The best free CRM app for small businesses won’t cost you a penny, but still give you valuable features to help you hit your goals.

    HubSpot CRM offers a nearly complete solution for contact management and customer insights. It’s completely free to use, but you can upgrade to gain access to even more useful CRM and marketing tools. Try HubSpot for free today.

    Best Free CRM for Small Businesses


    Number of Users

    Contact Limit

    Contact Managing

    Interaction Tracking

    Paid Plans

    Unlimited users

    One million contacts

    Automated actions to easily manage your contacts and data

    Insights on what contacts are doing on your site

    $45 to $1200 per user per month

    Unlimited users

    Unlimited contacts

    Maintain details of leads, customers, deals

    Create marketing email journeys

    $15 to $69 per user per month

    Up to 3 users

    Unlimited contacts

    Multipurpose digital contact book

    Analytics on sales activities, marketing campaigns, and more

    $14 to $52 per user per month

    Unlimited users

    Unlimited contacts

    Manage current and potential leads in a single environment

    No free tools available to track customer interactions

    $39 per month for 5 users to $159 per month for unlimited users

    Up to 10 users

    Up to 1,000 contacts

    Build detailed customer profiles and access data from a single page

    Contact level analytics, track email and call histories

    $8.99 to $47.99 per user per month

    Two users

    Up to 2,500 contacts

    View a complete picture of every contact and organization

    Track customer interests, business intelligence dashboards

    $29 to $99 per user per month

    Two users

    Unlimited contacts

    Advanced search across your contacts, accounts, opportunities and tasks

    Pipeline management tools to track sales, custom reporting

    $14 to $46 per user per month

    HubSpot logo

    HubSpot CRM: Best Overall Free CRM for Small Business


    Hubspot CRM allows an unlimited number of users to take advantage of a surprising number of customer relationship features. These free tools let you connect with clients and manage interactions while adding in some customization options to make marketing truly yours. You can even automate a few processes to save time.

    There are several marketing templates for reaching out through email. CRM tools extend beyond the web to offer basic calling, but users are limited to a measly 15 minutes per month. 

    You can even receive insights on what your customers are viewing on your site to learn what’s working and what’s not. This free service doesn’t have much in the way of customer support, and you’ll have to rely on a community forum for any issues that arise.

    Once you’ve capped out what you can do with HubSpot’s free plan, the platform does offer several paid options. While these paid plans provide many new features, even the lowest tier will cost you $45 per user monthly.

    Why we chose it: HubSpot’s free CRM app offers a ton of features and pairs well with the multitude of other free services it brings to the table. In fact, it often tops lists of the best CRM for ecommerce businesses.

    • Integrates with other free HubSpot tools
    • Can customize support form fields
    • Automation for some processes
    • Support limited to forum
    • Can only call 15 minutes per month
    • Expensive paid plans
    Freshsales logo

    Freshsales: Best Customer Support on a Free CRM App for Small Business


    Freshsales provides 24-hour support even for its free product, which is uncommon for most free software. The CRM helps you build an organized list of all your contacts, providing essential information at a glance. With an unlimited number of users able to log an infinite number of contacts, sorting information quickly is vital.

    The site generates a local phone number to reach clients from and has a chat you or a chatbot can operate. When you want to be on the pulse of your business, Freshsales’ mobile app keeps you connected from anywhere. Unfortunately, the free software doesn’t contain any reporting features to weed out problems.

    The Freshsales’ customer support team is (almost) always available to help. Contact them 24 hours a day, five days per week. You can reach out to support by phone, email or live chat.

    There are some limits to what’s included in the Freshsales free CRM suite. There’s no way to expedite areas with automation or store documents for the team to view. Paid plans that introduce additional features start at only $15 per user per month.

    Why we chose it: Freshsales allows you to build an unlimited database of users and clients, offering free 24/5 support through email, chat, and phone. It also scores well for automation and made our list of the best CRM for small businesses.

    • Built-in chat and phone
    • Unlimited users and contacts
    • 24/5 customer support
    • No reporting tools
    • No automated processes
    • No document storage
    Zoho CRM logo

    Zoho CRM: Best Free CRM App for Small Business for Automation


    Zoho’s free CRM app shines with workflow rules that automate mundane, repetitive tasks. You can also automate email notifications to clients, although the free plan caps this at 150 per day. The amount of automation you can do only increases as you move into the paid tier list. When you’re ready to upgrade, paid plans begin at $14 per user each month.

    Alongside automation tools, Zoho CRM lets you customize your site to stand out among the competition. You’ll receive standard reports to stay in touch with what people are browning and what is left untouched.

    Zoho features a multipurpose digital contact book to keep your ever-growing list of clients organized inside your CRM portal. There isn’t a way to send mass emails, but at least you can build relationships and reach out to customers one on one.

    Why we chose it: Zoho CRM introduces automated tools to reduce redundant tasks and instead focus on customers.

    • Workflow rules and automated email notifications
    • Page customization options
    • Multipurpose digital contact book
    • Only three users allowed
    • 150 automated email notifications per day
    • Can’t send mass emails
    Bitrix24 logo

    Bitrix24: Best Free CRM App for Small Business for Collaboration


    Bitrix24 looks beyond customer relationship management, offering built-in tools to collaborate with your team. Even its free plan has private chatting, channels, and video conferencing to communicate the needs of your business to your team. You’re limited to 48 users in a conference but can have an infinite number of users working in Bitrix24.

    The software also allows you to add an unlimited number of contacts to your database to generate leads and make sales. It’s not quite as intuitive as other platforms, but it gets the job done. There are no analytics or reporting tools to obtain insights on your sales and marketing approach.

    Bitrix24 connects seamlessly with Facebook, Instagram, and more to widen your exposure. You can generate buzz or answer questions from within Bitrix24 that will appear on each platform.

    You’ll need to be a paid user to get access to more tools and Bitrix24’s customer support team. When it is time to upgrade, plans start at $39 per month but contain licenses for five users.

    Why we chose it: Bitrix24 contains collaborative tools such as chat and video conferencing alongside its CRM feature set.

    • Collaborative tools
    • Free connection to social media
    • Unlimited users and contacts
    • No analytics tools
    • Somewhat challenging UI to navigate
    • No customer support
    Agile CRM logo

    Agile CRM: Best Free CRM App for Email Marketing


    Agile CRM’s free software is built around helping you stay in contact with clients that translate into sales. You can create, track, and send out up to 5,000 branded emails each month to reflect your unique business offerings. The downside is that Agile only lets you list 1,000 clients in its free database.

    In addition to emails, Agile makes it easy to generate forms and build your company’s website with a slew of tools. With everything up and running, you can boost sales efficiency by managing deals and tasks.

    Automation tools are basically nonexistent, allowing only one workflow rule at a time. You’ll still have to get your hands dirty with redundant tasks that can take up time.

    The free software is available to a maximum of 10 users and needs upgrading once you need more. Paid plans start at $8.99 monthly per user, making Bitrix24 one of the cheapest out there.

    Why we chose it: Agile CRM keeps you connected to clients through an assortment of branded email marketing options.

    • 5,000 branded emails per month
    • Unlimited deals, tasks, documents
    • Form, email, website builder
    • Limited to 10 users
    • Only 1,000 contacts
    • Minimal automation tools

    Insightly: Best Free CRM App for Small Business for Lead Management


    Insightly makes nearly all of its lead management tools available even at the free level. The system automatically detects duplicate leads and lets you visualize potential customers in a kanban view.

    With over 250 integrations, Insightly links up with a laundry list of software options that you may already be using for project management, emailing, and more. Although it’s nice to email from your favorite app, it’s too you can’t automate any of these processes.

    The software does connect you with your social media fans through profile enrichment, so you don’t miss a lead anywhere. One thing you will miss is customer support, which is only available through email.

    There are a ton of opportunities present in Insightly, so it’s too bad you can only have two users running the show. This does disappear with any paid version of the software, but even the cheapest plan runs $29 per user each month.

    Why we chose it: Insightly’s CRM tools help you turn prospects into sales through lead management and email campaigns.

    • Several lead generation tools
    • Over 250 business integrations
    • Automatic social profile enrichment
    • Only for two users
    • Minimal automation tools
    • Limited access to customer support
    Really Simple Systems CRM logo

    Really Simple Systems: Best Easy-to-Use Free CRM App for Small Business


    Really Simple Systems seeks to help your business build client relationships while saving time through its simple interface. You can build a client database of any size as your online footprint grows.

    For all it offers, Really Simple Systems limits its free software to just two users. You’ll only be able to connect with Google Maps or Google Contacts, as other integrations are locked behind a paywall. Its Starter tier starts at $14 per user when you’re ready to take the leap.

    You can customize everything from fields to web pages to bring about a unique feel to your site. Reports at this tier are limited, so it may be a challenge to see what’s successful or not.

    Why we chose it: As the name implies, Really Simple Systems rolls out its long list of CRM tools in an easy-to-chew package.

    • Simple to use
    • Unlimited contacts
    • Several customization options
    • Limited to two users
    • Few integrations
    • Basic reporting

    Methodology for the Best Free CRM App for Small Businesses

    We took a look at several factors that set the best free CRM apps apart from others before making our selections. Below are the features we considered the most and why we chose them. 

    • Number of users: You’re probably not in this alone, so you need to be able to bring other essential team members into the CRM fold. To do so, you’ll need a free plan that allows additional users to log in and support the process. Think too about how much use you’re going to get out of a free plan as your team increases in size.
    • Tracking contacts: The bread and butter of any CRM service is your list of contacts. As your venture grows, so too will your connections on various platforms. The best free CRM apps for small businesses allow an unlimited number of contacts, so you never have to worry about reaching the cap. With your expanding list of clients, you’ll also want to make sure your client management tools are up to snuff. Access to thousands of current and potential customers can be overwhelming if your CRM service doesn’t organize it well.
    • Ease of use: Many free CRM apps for small businesses also include marketing and sales tools to generate leads and close deals. All these features can be cumbersome, so it’s important to select a service that’s easy to work with. Since you likely won’t be the only one using it, you’ll want to make sure your team can get behind it as well.
    • Integrations: If you’ve been in business for any length of time, chances are you’ve already started using other apps to interact with clients and your own team. It’s always helpful when these apps can talk to each other and share data, so you don’t have to. Be sure to check a CRM’s list of integrations to see what it gets along with.
    • Customer support: CRM software has a lot of working parts, and it’s only a matter of time before the wheels come off. Companies often fail to offer support at the ground level when it comes to free software, leaving you to dig through community forums or wait on an email for answers. That being said, there are a few options that extend chat or phone support to even its free user base.
    • Paid version pricing: If all goes according to plan, you’re eventually going to outgrow a CRM’s free version. It’s helpful to understand what you’re going to get from an upgrade and what that additional cost will be per user.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Free CRM App

    There are many questions swirling about regarding the best free CRM apps for small businesses. Here are answers to some of them.

    Bottom Line on Free CRM App

    The best free CRM apps can elevate your business to new heights through an abundance of tools. Through contact management, you can generate leads that ultimately turn into sales and profit for your company. These free services are a good starting point for a small business, but be prepared to upgrade to paid options as your company grows.