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Facilities Management

Sections of This Topic Include

Introductory and General
Specific Facilities (signage, computers, etc.)
Setting Up an Office
Telecommuting (working from home)
Inventory Management (this section is in "Operations Management)
Logistics and Transportation Management (this section is in "Operations Management")

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Introductory and General

Designing An Effective Home Office
Designing Your Home Office
Introduction to Property Management

Specific Facilities


Strategic Facility Planning: A White Paper

HVAC Systems

HVAC (Definition)
Types of HVAC Systems


See Setting Up an Office below.


Computer and Network Security
The Use of Computers in Facilities/Installations Planning
Computer Aided Facilities Management

Setting Up An Office

(This section is about setting up office facilities. Information about organizing yourself, your files, paperwork, etc., is included in the topic Organizing Yourself.)
Office Design, Leasing and Organizing
Organizing Yourself (organizing your office and activities, once the office is set up)
Time Management

Telecommuting (virtual workplace)


Basics of Telecommuting for Companies
The Rise of the Truly Virtual Workplace
Why and how to transition to a virtual workplace

General Resources About Telecommuting

Telecommuting Defined
Telecommuting Resources
International Homeworkers Association
Telecommuting Resource Center
List of sites and articles about telecommuting

General Resources About Facilities Management a by the State Directory of Architecture, Engineering and Construction
International Facilities Management Association
Facilities Management News

For the Category of Facilities Management:

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