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World Wide Web: Building, Managing and Promoting Your Site

Assembled by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD

(The library includes a related, comprehensive set of subtopics in All About Computers, Internet & Web.)

Suggested Previous Reading

If you don't know anything about computers or the Internet, it may benefit you to review the following sections before reading more about the Web.
Planning and Buying a Small Computer System (including information for nonprofits)
Software for Small Computer Systems (including general and nonprofit-specific information)
Learning About Small Computer Systems
Basic, Technical Support and Maintenance of Small Computer Systems
Computer and Network Security
Getting Connected to the Internet
Internet (including information for nonprofits, free ISPS, etc.)
Intranets (Computer Networks Internal to the Organization)

Sections of This Topic Include

Basics About the Web
How to Build a Website: A Step by Step Guide - Sumac
About Browsers
Naming Your Website
Designing and Evaluating a Website
Designing Your Website for Any Browser
Designing Website for Accessibility to Readers With Disabilities
If You Hire Someone to Design Your Website
Promoting Your Website (including using counters)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Using Search Engines

Nonprofits (additional information for)
General Resources

Also consider
Related Library Topics

Basics About the Web

The World Wide Web for the Clueless
World Wide Web Frequently Asked Questions

About Browsers

Web Browsers Web Browser Types
Browser Basics

Naming Your Website

Top 10 Mistakes Made When Choosing a Domain Name
How to Name a Website
Naming Your Site: No, "Bob" Isn't a Good Name
Small Business Domain Name

also see "Naming Your Organization, Product or Service"

Designing and Evaluating a Website

Website Usability
Style Guide for Web Design
Creating Killer Websites
Yale Style Guide
Information Architecture and Corporate Strategy: The Tail Wags the Dog
Site for site builders
Web Developers Virtual Library
The W3C Markup Validation Service
Small Business Website Design
How to Design a Great "About Us" Page on Your Website
How to Design a Great Press Page for Your Website

Designing Your Website for Any Browser

Designing a Website for Any Browser
Viewable With Any Browser: Accessible Site Design Guide
How to Make Websites Browser Compatible
Designing Your Website for Browser and Platform Compatibility
Browser Shots - Cross Platform Browser Test

Designing Website for Accessibility for Readers with Disabilities

W3C Web Content Accessiblity Guidelines
W3C Accessibility Initiative
Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility: Overview

If You Have Someone Design Your Website

Evaluate these five elements before hiring a Web designer
How to Hire a Web Designer

Also consider
How to Successfully Hire and Work With an Excellent Consultant

Promoting a Website

Promoting Your -Free information and resources to help you promote your site!
Search engine watch
Less Obvious Ways of Promoting Your Website
A Selling Revolution: The Role of Salespeople in Web Marketing (Part 2)
Study: Users Ignore Search Ads
Back Links

Installing a Counter of the Number of Hits to Your Site

Free Website Counter
Creating a Counter (and links to free counters)
The difference between a Hit, Page, and Web Counter

Also consider
E-Commerce (doing business on the Internet / Web)
Advertising and Promotion
Selling Online
Telecommunications Laws

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Recommended Articles

Beginner's Guide to SEO
Search Engine Optimization: SEO Tips for Small Business
What You Need to Know: Before Hiring a SEO Agency

Additional Articles

Search Engine Optimization
The Simple SEO Guide for the Small Web Business
21 Essential SEO Tips & Techniques
Search Engine Optimization: SEO Tips for Small Business Study: Users Ignore Search Ads
SEO Tips: How to Increase Traffic With Keywords
Search Engine Optimization Tutorial What is the Google Sandbox Effect?
Marketing: From Obscurity to First Page Google in 90 Days
What is the Google Sandbox Effect?
10 Steps to Better Content Marketing & SEO
Build Organic Traffic
Tips on how to hire an SEO company
Marketing & Backlinks – the Key to SEO
How to Make Your Website "Sticky"
Website Design and SEO
The Importance of Local SEO

Using Search Engines

See "Tips for Searching on the World Wide Web"
Learn How to SEO
How to Choose and Use Top Search Engines and Directories
Top Ten Rules for Basic SEO

Additional Information for Nonprofits

Coyote Communications
Oh What a Tangled Web! - a quick overview of nonprofit use of the Web
Non Profit Website Design: Examples and Best Practices
Understanding Your Website from a Visitor’s Perspective
Is Your Nonprofit’s Website “Converting”?

General Resources

Note that resources are listed throughout the above topics referenced from this page. Thanks to for many of the following links.
Webmaster Resources
Elated Web Toolbox
Small Business Web site Design
8 Best Hosting Providers of 2012

For the Category of Information Technology:

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