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Computer and Network Usage Policies

Many employers are increasingly concerned that computer and network facilities be used appropriately for company (and sometimes personal) use. The following links will provide guidelines and samples of this type of policy. (The library includes a related, comprehensive set of subtopics in All About Computers, Internet & Web.)

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Sample Computer Usage Policy
Various Policies and Perspectives
Implications of E-Mail Records

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Sample Computer Usage Policy

The following wording can be considered by an organization that is considering developing a policy to guide organization members to appropriate usage of the organization's Internet-related resources. This policy is referenced from Polices about Using Computers and Networks.

"The (organization's) internal network is connected to the Internet. Everyone wit computer access to the internal network has the ability access the Internet, including use of electronic mail and the World Wide Web. While the Internet is a great resource for our organization, it is the responsibility of each employee to use this resource responsibly and respectfully. It is assumed that the predominant use of these resources will be for work use, and that any personal use of electronic mail or the World Wide Web will be limited; never a priority over work matters. If an employee is found spending excessive time on personal use of these resources, this privilege may be revoked for that employee.

Electronic mail sent from the Institute should be treated the same as any other communication that is sent. All communications represent the (organization name) as a whole, and as such, should be written in a professional and appropriate manner. This also applies to any material that is published on the (organization name's) World Wide Website.

If there are any question regarding this policy, please contact ____________."

Various Policies and Perspectives

Richland, WA Computer and Internet Policies
Sample Wording for an Internet Usage Policy
Lawletter's Acceptable Use Policy

Implications of E-Mail Records

Developing a Policy for Managing Email
Managing E-mail as Records - Industry Analysts
What's Your Corporate E-mail Policy?

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