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About Intranets

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Basics of Intranets
Various Perspectives

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Basics of Intranets

There are a large number of links with useful information about intranets. A very good site from which to start to understand all about intranets is the following:
Intranet Road Map - Road Map Intranet Basics
What is an Intranet?
What Is the Purpose of Having a Company Intranet?

The following FAQ (collection of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers) will round out your knowledge about intranets.
Intranet Journal's FAQ (called How Do I...)
Intranet FAQs: Wrangling All Those Frequently Asked Questions
Intranet Design Strategies

Various Perspectives

Create an Intranet Governance Guide
Plan, design, manage, and improve your intranet
The Intranet Professionals Discussion Forum

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