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NOTE: There is a vast amount of online information about the Internet. Much of this information includes reference to the World Wide Web. Note that writers occasionally refer to the "world" of the Internet and World Wide Web as "cyberspace".) (The library includes a related, comprehensive set of subtopics in All About Computers, Internet & Web.)

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Developing Internet Strategy
Glossaries of Internet Terms
Nonprofits (additional information for)

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Learning About the Internet

Primer to Using the Internet
Demystifying the Internet
Using the Information Highway Effectively
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Making the Internet Work for You

Developing Internet Strategy

Developing an Internet Strategy For Your Company (Part 1) - Management - 02/24/98
Developing an Internet Strategy For Your Company (Part 2) - Management - 03/03/98
Developing an Internet Strategy For Your Company (Part 3) - Management - 03/10/98
Developing an Internet Strategy For Your Company (Part 4) - Management - 03/17/98

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Getting Connected to the Internet

Glossaries of Internet Terms

Matisse's Glossary of Internet Terms
Glossary of Internet Terms
Glossary of Internet & Web Jargon

Additional Information for Nonprofits

The Benton's "Best Practices Toolkit" is a list of Internet and other resources aimed at nonprofits make better use of information and communications technologies in their work.

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General (For-Profit and Nonprofit)

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The Accidental Techie - Book Cover The Accidental Techie: Supporting, Managing, and Maximizing Your Nonprofit's Technology
by Carter McNamara, published by Authenticity Consulting, LLC. This hands-on guide walks you through five projects that, when completed, will give you a comprehensive and usable support system, including for 1) conducting a technology inventory, 2) assessing and supporting staff, 3) assessing and buying technology, 4) protecting your organization from disasters and data loss, and 5) managing your role. Includes ready-to-use templates, worksheets and sample policies, and also 135 resources on topics such as funding, discussion groups, application service providers, web site development, donor management software, and a security policy checklist. Also explains steps for creating a database that gives you the reports you need. Includes a glossary of terms every techie should know.

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