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Business Writing Workshop

Assembled by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD

Writing: General techniques for good writing

· Guidelines for writing your first draft
· Key words to for transitioning
· Overview of types of correspondence, their audiences, what to convey, etc.
· How to use a variety of appeals to sell your product or service
· Four approaches to a sales letter
· How to write a "bad news" letter

Writing: Formatting your writing for ease of readability

· Using titles and subtitles for spacing and readability
· How to format your text so its more readable
· Using headings/sections for various types of reports, e.g., work plan, final report, meeting and trip report
· Recommended headings for business reports, e.g., meeting, progress, research and trip report
· Using Microsoft Word typographic capabilities

Writing: Models/samples of writing for your reference

· For a general memo
· For meeting minutes (minutes.htm)
· Procedure for writing a procedure
· Sample memo requesting authorization

Writing: Miscellaneous

· Slides
· Comparison of conventions for e-mail vs. voice mail
· Annotated Bibliography for the Business Writer

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