Board of Directors Self-Evaluation

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    Board of Directors Evaluation

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    The following table can be used by all board members and the
    chief executive to get an impression of how well the board is
    doing. The table is a rather basic form for board evaluation.
    But, if the evaluation is conducted wholeheartedly, the form should
    indicate how the board is generally doing in conducting its role.

    Each member and the chief executive should complete the form
    about four weeks before a board retreat. Members attach suggestions
    about how the board could get higher ratings for any or all of
    the following 14 considerations.

    Ideally, someone outside the organization receives the completed
    forms, collates the results and write a report indicating the
    number of respondents who rated the board for each of the 12 considerations.







    1 board has full and common understanding of the
    roles and responsibilities of a board
    2 board members understand the organization’s mission
    and its products / programs
    3 structural pattern (board, officers, committees,
    executive and staff) is clear
    4 board has clear goals and actions resulting from
    relevant and realistic strategic planning
    5 board attends to policy-related decisions which
    effectively guide operational activities of staff
    6 board receives regular reports on finances/budgets,
    products/program performance and other important matters
    7 board helps set fundraising goals and is actively involved in fundraising
    8 board effectively represents the organization
    to the community
    9 board meetings facilitate focus and progress
    on important organizational matters
    10 board regularly monitors and evaluates progress
    toward strategic goals and product/ program performance
    11 board regularly evaluates and develops the chief
    12 board has approved comprehensive personnel policies
    which have been reviewed by a qualified professional
    13 each member of the board feels involved and interested
    in the board’s work
    14 all necessary skills, stakeholders and diversity
    are represented on the board

    Please list the three to five points on which
    you believe the board should focus its attention in the next year.
    Be as specific as possible in identifying these points.






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