Purpose of this Training and Development Blog

This blog helps you improve your training and development by providing articles, opinions, commentary and many related resources.  The blog is for a general audience, including beginners and those advanced in training and development.

The benefits of training and development for employees are many, including that it can:

  1. Increase knowledge, skills and abilities.
  2. Improve morale and motivation.
  3. Strengthen ownership and commitment.
  4. Reduce turnover and conflicts.
  5. Increase productivity.
  6. Decrease costs in operations.
  7. Increase profits.

Examples of Topics (or Categories) Relevant to this Blog

You can understand even more about the focus of this blog by looking at examples of various related topics (or categories) that this blog might write about.  The following list includes examples of related topics as does the list of Related Library Topics in the sidebar.  There may be other related topics, as well.

  • Assessments
  • Basics and Overviews
  • Continuous Learning
  • Corporate Universities
  • Designing Training Plans
  • Developing Training Methods
  • Evaluating Training Results
  • Evaluations During Training
  • General Resources
  • Human Performance Technology
  • Implementing Training
  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Talent Management

As posts are published, they will be organized into those or other related categories.  Categories that have posts published to them will be listed in the sidebar in Categories of Posts.  Readers can click on a category and see the posts in that category.

About Me, the Host of this Blog

I’m Jack Shaw and I’m the host of this blog. You can read more about me next to my picture to the right of each page in the blog.  I will focus on various aspects of training and development, and will focus especially on practical tips and tools.  These posts will include posts from guest writers, as well.

How to Use the Library’s Blogs

We have implemented many features to make the blogs very valuable and convenient to use.  To learn how to use the blogs, click on Library Blog’s Home under the header on each page of the blog.

If You’re Interested In Hosting a Blog for the Library

Just click on Contact Us at the bottom of each page and share your idea, including the topic that you would like to blog about.  You would need to commit to publishing a post at least twice a week for at least six months.  In return, you would get tremendous visibility to you and your writing.  You would retain copyright of your writing – see the Copyright in the footer on each page.


2 responses to “About”

  1. Hello,

    My name is Camille and I stumbled upon managementhelp.org/ while doing some research on computer networking and Cisco training, and wound up checking out the content on the site for hours. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the site and its offerings. Thank you for providing such a great resource!

    I’m a tech journalist looking to gain more exposure for my work. Currently, I focus mostly on tech, Cisco training and computer repair-related subjects and also have brief experience working in IT.

    I’m fairly new to writing on these subjects, but I still have a vast knowledge on the subject and would love to interact with your community.

    You can get a sense for my writing style here: https://camillemcclane.jux.com/

    I just finished designing this new infographic focused on IT careers that may be of interest.

    You can view it here:


    If you happen to like it and wish to publish, just let me know and I’ll write up a custom introduction for it that will further illustrate several key points which will be completely unique to you site.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Best wishes,
    Camille McClane

    1. Camille, Thanks for your comment. I believe I may have already responded to you and if I did not I apologize.

      I’m always looking for guest writers. all that The Free Management Library asks is that you not promote a single product. You can make lists of similar products of the one you present. As long as you are talking generically on a subject related to training, not problem. We will introduce you and provide your links. We only ask that you link back.

      Simply provide me copy via e-mail with media if you have it and I’ll take it from there. I won’t comment on your work except to introduce you. Unfortunately the byline at the top stays mine. I always try to make sure the readers know it isn’t me.



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