4 responses to “Anatomy of a Trainer”

  1. These are great insights into how and why people become trainers. I have also seen good trainers (and good training) come from leaders who realized that — at that moment or over the long haul — the most productive thing they could do is to train their people. This is particularly true in high-tech, where a few months without training can really leave you behind. And, when you think about it, we’re all in high-tech to some degree. We all use the Internet, cell phones, web-based software-as-a-service; if we aren’t properly trained to take advantage of the latest features, we’re behind the competition.

  2. Hello Jack,

    I totally agree with you on the fact that trainers come from leadership. You do not have to be in the classroom to be a trainer and you also do not have to have a degree in training to be a trainer. If you develop experience on a subject matter that needs to be taught to someone you can actually be their trainer on that subject. Leadership comes from within someone and their character. A leader can learn and teach what he has learned to others. Classroom training is getting older by the minute and new techniques are arising for our industry. I personally enjoy online learning and training myself rather than being in a classroom.

    Murat Bashelvaci
    Roosevelt University
    Training And Development

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