One response to “The Importance of “Warm and Fuzzies” in Business and in Training”

  1. I hope I haven’t misled anyone in my post above into thinking I am against technology being used in the classroom or in place of classroom training where necessary. I don’t think that it should be used in place of all training, especially when a close connection needs to be made to the trainees. Sometimes what is needed is not a new training model, but a new training presenter. “Nuff said.

    I have always said I don’t have a lock on all the answers or know all the history about how things came to be. I’m just not that wise. What I put out is commentary, sometimes short, sometimes long, aimed at newcomers really or at those looking for a fresh look. If my blog doesn’t work for you, there are plenty others out there, but before you do, keep in mind, we welcome all opinions, not just mine.

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