What Will Training Look Like in 2050?

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    Here’s your question–just for the fun of it. What will training be like in the future? Have you thought that far out? What will companies look like that far in the future? We know what they were like in the past. We know who they bankrupt and “ages of misery” they spawned. We know how they affected laws, immigration and the world’s economy. How they left us scratching our heads, desperately seeking solutions. We’ve seen corporations and faceless conglomerates turn Third-World countries into booming economies we fear will rival ours–all for the sake of greed–ours.

    Since training isn’t perceived to be very important in big business, let’s think small. Training doesn’t need to be a big cog in wheel of business, economy and society…or does it? What do you think.

    We’ve seen what small and big thinkers can think. Stick to the topic. Are any of us thinking that far ahead? What if we don’t? Could what’s wrong with our economy today have anything to do with our lack of foresight or just plain greed? You tell me. Does a company or corporation, or especially the non-profit corporation, or any other organization have a responsibility to society besides making money? I’m sure courses are taught on it every day.

    And, don’t get me started on ethical business practices…

    Now, I leave it in your hands to think about, comment on, and ask other questions. A good place to start the week, wouldn’t you say?

    I look forward to your comments and playing along with you. Who knows? We may just save the world.

    This post is different, I admit, but what do you expect from the “Cave Man of Training”–a man who looks to the beginning and the future at the same time. I’m not a mentalist, a futurist, prophet–just a person who cares. I hope my ideas prompt other ideas. I wrote a book about the Cave Man. I wrote it deliberately that way “Cave Man” instead of “caveman” because I’m not just talking about the prehistoric man, but a primitive man, a basic man. A man who thinks about his needs with his brains and his heart. He builds his society based on those needs. Shouldn’t we? Maybe corporations and business shouldn’t be about profit (different prophet) but about the “growth of a nation.” I’ve heard that said once or twice. Have you?

    I challenge you to give us your best ideas. I’m no genius. Maybe I’m just an idea man–a creative man. Still, I expect to lose if this were a competition (It’s not), but let’s hear from you and the others who know what it takes to run a company, build a vision, build a workforce capable of building a nation. Let’s not spend our time looking for the easy way. Let’s banter some ideas. Let’s argue and stir some visceral responses, and with that some ideas that have merit for a possibly uncertain future. Let’s change some rules and see if they do it for us.

    For more resources about training, see the Training library.

    My book, The Cave Man Guide to Training and Development, has some interesting ideas you may totally disagree with today but not tomorrow. I’m told it is a different take on the world of training and development. For a piddling investment, you could have a few extra ideas.

    My novel, Harry’s Reality–another creative side of me speaks–is available now though Amazon books. You’ve heard of Steve Martin’s film, “The Man with Two Brains?” I may be the man with two right brains…if you agree with that theory. Harry’s Reality is all about what happens when people stop talking to each other and let their devices control what the world becomes based on facts, proven and tested. By the way, the world is doomed. At first a fantasy, then doomed? That’s a “visceral” question if I ever heard one. Better check it out, too, before it is too late.