Cultural Awareness when seeking new clients

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    I am not sure this is a training issue or a human performance issue, but recently I observed a situation where a Japanese firm was looking to do business with an American firm and the American firm was not prepared as they might have been and possibly lost the contract. Before seeking out new clients CEO’s and the like need to do is research.

    Research the company you might be contracting with, look at their plant or business facilities see what their standards are for business and manufacturing, make sure you take a look at what type of quality control policies they adhere and aspire to. Then make sure when they visit your facilities that you make efforts to please them, if you find they require documentation of assembly procedures, that the documents are available, and so on. Remember they want to do business with you and your company. Make the effort to show them you are just as interested in their policies and their company. Know who you are doing business with, especially if the company is an overseas or Asian company.

    With the global society we live in count on doing business with a foreign country at some point and time and remember to look outside our own cultural boundaries and be respectful of your guests and the outcome will be more successful. Think of the learning opportunities this might be providing and how much your new and potential business will me for employees and your company. Learn about some of the business customs and personal customs that your guest expect and show them you respect them enough to learn about them. I am sure they have done the same for your organization and you.


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