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    Everyone has or should have a general idea of how much time it takes to develop a new training program. In the research I’ve done times are all over the place 10:1 all the way up to 40:1 the later being very generous. I think if you had a 40:1 ratio you’d never find a position or that you are really re-inventing the wheel.

    As a grad student I designed (with the awesome help of my mentor) a program that covered the entire HPT process. I think since I was starting from scratch and including everything from how to do a needs assessment, task analysis, how to conduct interviews and design them and design and process surveys and evaluation including ROI I probably spent the 40:1 ratio. But I had to research every aspect of the processes. I even included the brain teasers I used. The manual ended up being 208 pages!

    Folks this is or was – the exception to the rule. I believe a comprehensive training program could be done at a 20:1 ratio. This of course depends on how fast research can be done and how focused you can be. Using DACUM studies, books that you have on hand and looking at what is already available and in place helps. (This is why having a well organized library is very important)….

    It is however very important to try and estimate the time and perhaps give a higher estimate maybe by 5 so you can always meet your deadline. As a “new-bee” in the field I’d probably estimate at 30:1 and try and come in at 20:1 but I’d give myself the 10 just in case I’d underestimated something. I think it’s very important to come in on deadline and under if possible.

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