Developing Teams

Team Cohesion as an Input into Employee Performance

Does having a unified team actually translate into improved performance? If implemented correctly, research shows team cohesion can improve morale, motivation, and loyalty. And having high marks in these areas is certainly an indicator for performance. What we’re talking about isn’t just getting your employees to meet up at the bar after work a couple […]

How to Build a High Performance Team

Learning how to build great project teams is a skill like any other business tool. The catch phrase: “great leaders are born, not made” really isn’t all that accurate in today’s business environment. Creating good, effective, high performing teams takes practice. What is a high performing team? In today’s business world, it’s not good enough […]

Peak Performance Tuesdays

Peak Performance Tuesdays

Give your team a mid-week opportunity to celebrate. A poll carried out among British workers suggested that we are at our best at precisely 11.33 am on a Tuesday. Mondays are spent recovering from the weekend and coping with the realisation that there is a full working week ahead, but by Tuesday morning most of […]

Ways to Resolve Conflict in Your Team

From time to time most teams experience a falling out among team members. If not quickly resolved this can have a significant impact not just on the people in dispute but also on their colleagues. Here are a few thoughts to help your team to deal with the discord:

Group Dynamics – Working in Self-Managed Teams

I believed I was part of a group of people who had each other’s best interests as a core of operation. This group could best be classified as a Self-Managed Team where there was no distinct team leader, for example a string quartet. The group generally worked well together over a period of time, but […]

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