One response to “10 Attributes of a Leader”

  1. It is interesting that your opening statement in this article has been questioned and considered for decades – yet quite similar attributes have been written about. I guess we must be on to something. For example, in a 1994 study that lasted seven years, executives were asked at regular intervals, ‘What do you look for and admire in your leaders?’ Their answers were consistent over the period of the study – in order of importance, team members expect their leaders to be:
    • Honest
    • Competent
    • Forward-looking
    • Inspiring
    • Intelligent
    • Fair-minded
    • Broad-minded
    • Courageous
    • Straightforward
    • Imaginative
    • Dependable

    Although these qualities may not initially appear to be purely supportive characteristics, each of them shows that supporting team members is a vitally important aspect of any team leader’s role.

    In all dealings in the workplace, be it with clients, suppliers, team members or management, leaders must:
    • Act with integrity
    • Show respect
    • Be open, honest and fair


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