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  1. Matt

    I have to agree with you on the footnote concerning e-mail.

    At my last employer, much of the communication regarding new processes, general news etc was disseminated via e-mail to the point that I was receiving anything up to 20 group emails a day.

    The problem was 85% of the group email was general social stuff, news that didn’t apply to my team, or forwards/CCs that I had no interest in. As a result I ended up setting filters that automatically deleted e-mail from certain senders, and I deleted e-mails without reading them where the subject seemed irrelevant just so that I could get on with my job. It was simply information overload!

    On occasions, however, doing this meant that the odd ‘important’ communication was missed because I was prioritising other emails over the round-robins which led to the occasional “I don’t think I got that memo” moment.

    I do feel that there is too much focus put on email, and indeed an overuse of email, where a face-to-face meeting would have ensured that the information has been put across in a clearer fashion, and the importance of the information reinforced.

    Managers should ensure that regular meetings are held so that some face-to-face interaction is maintained rather than employees simply staring at a cold blank email or doing what I do which is delete emails that look unimportant.

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