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  1. Joan Henshaw

    Great post Marcia – particulalry point 6. I coach many supervisors and managers who hold a belief that ‘people don’t want to be managed’ (along with ‘I haven’t earnt the right to manage’ and ‘managers have to be perfect!). These are the types of beliefs that prevent supervisors taking ‘management action’ – the type of action that gets great results from their employees, and increases job satisfaction (for the employee and the supervisor)

  2. Joan Henshaw

    Hi Marcia
    Well said – I couldn’t agree more! I would maybe add; working with employees to improve or maintain their job satisfaction.
    I think the challenge for supervisors (and all managers) is to find the tools they need to make managing employees much easier and much more effective. For example, how can we expect supervisors to know that there is a 3 step process for a) getting crystal clear on what they want from thier emplorees and b) a 4 step process for defining powerful performance objectives (setting expectations)? Or that there are 3 proven ways to monitor performance and a 5 step process for holding a performance improvement discussion with employees? Supervisors just don’t have the time to work these tools out for themselves which is why (I guess) you write your books and I made my online management training video series the ’10 Minute Management Toolkit’
    In short, let’s make it easy for supervisors to manage their employees in a way that improves performance and employee satisfaction!
    Rallying cry over!!
    Thanks again for a great discussion


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  4. Denesee

    This is great information. I have been in my position for eight months now and I think evrything is going well. In supervision with my boss, I have not been told otherwise. I suppose that I should ask her outright about my performance so that I can be clear about my progress or lack thereof. Anyway, sometimes I feel like I struggle with supervising my staff. I am often in the middle, not too nice and not too strict but there are some staff that I let off the hook way too easy. One has been around for a long time and has been a supervisor in the past. I know that other staff are saying things and feel like she gets to do what she wants. What would you suggest to be the best approach with this employee. Thank you for these blogs. I have learned a tremendous amount just reading what others are thinking.

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