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    It is important that employees and clients have faith and trust in their leaders as representatives of the organisation. A supervisor can expect that their role will require them to promote the interests of the team, introduce innovation and change, implement difficult decisions and resolve difficult situations with staff and clients.

    The range of techniques that a supervisor can use to establish and maintain credibility and to foster an atmosphere of trust in the workplace can also include the following:
    • Accept responsibility for mistakes and errors made by the team
    • Always keep commitments
    • Be truthful
    • Communicate openly and honestly
    • Comply with relevant legislation, workplace policies and procedures and codes of conduct
    • Demonstrate your loyalty to individuals, the team and the organisation
    • Do not dismiss the concerns and issues of team members
    • Do not engage in gossip or rumours
    • Give credit where it is due
    • Keep stakeholders informed of what is going on
    • Maintain the confidentiality and privacy of workplace information
    • Model high standards of honesty and integrity
    • Promote and facilitate group problem-solving
    • Promote the interests of team members
    • Treat all people with dignity and respect
    • Undertake professional development
    • Use active listening skills

    This list may aid a supervisor in performing their ‘credibility check’, as outlined in the article.


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