Role of the Strategic Planning Facilitator in Planning the Planning Process

The goal of strategic planning should be to produce a Plan that is 1) relevant, realistic and flexible;  2) with a very highly likelihood of being implemented; 3) in order to achieve the purpose of the planning, e.g., a purpose to evolve to the next stage of development, expand marketshare or survive major cost-cutting. A […]

Develop Your Strategic Intuition

The best decision-makers in chaotic “fog of war” conditions seem able to call on intuition – knowing what to do without knowing why or how they know.

Paul DePodesta new Chief Strategy Officer for the Cleveland Browns

Moneyball and the Work of the Chief Strategy Officer

Moneyball and the Work of the Strategist Paul DePodesta was recently named the Chief Strategy Officer by the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League.  This is significant because, as any fan of Moneyball knows, Mr. DePodesta has spent his career in the sport of baseball, not football. This matters to the community of strategic thinkers because it […]

50 Tips and Tools for Effective Strategic Thinking

50 Tips and Tools for Effective Strategic Thinking

To engage in strategic thought, you must think and reflect on the big picture—on the diverse players and forces in your competitive environment. Anticipate the future. Use your right brain for intuition and wisdom, your left for planning. As Isaac Newton said “truth is the offspring of silence and meditation.” Here are 50 tips and tools for […]

My Concern About the Use of Strategic Planning “Templates”

It seems that the use of “templates” in strategic planning is on the rise.  People want a simple and straightforward way to get the Strategic Plan written and finished.  They want a “roadmap” that applies to every organization with everyone all the time and everywhere. I’m seeing them mentioned more often lately for strategic planning, […]

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