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Strategic Thinking in the Age of LinkedIn

Strategic Thinking in the Age of LinkedIn

LinkedIn founder and triple billionaire Reid Hoffman has two endearing mannerisms that reveal the way he sees–and reasons with–the strategic environment. First, he peppers his statements with the word so.  Almost a verbal tic that would grate on a speaking coach like the overuse of the dreaded uh … but he uses it more like therefore.  That […]

Emily Dickinson on Strategy

Emily Dickinson on Strategic Thinking

THE BRAIN is wider than the sky, For, put them side by side, The one the other will include With ease, and you beside. Emily Dickinson’s greatest accomplishment, I think, is that she taught us to wonder. In Part One of her series called Life, the poet has us thinking about the vastness of our […]

5 Essential Books for Strategic Thinkers

5 Essential Books for Strategic Thinkers

Good Strategy Bad Strategy This fresh approach to strategic thinking begins with tales of battles at sea in the days of Napoleon and continues to explain what kinds of strategies have made the difference for modern companies like Apple, Wal-Mart, Cisco, Starbucks and Wells Fargo.  Author Richard Rumelt shows that many recent high profile failures […]

The Little Shop on the Corner submitted to a Borders-like megastore like Borders

The Borders Tale: What Goes Around Comes Around

If you are interested in the theories of business strategy covered in the blog post below, you may want to read Henry Mintzberg’s excellent book, Strategy Safari:  A Guided Tour through the Wilds of Strategic Management.  For example, Mintzberg and his co-authors provide a more lucent (and compact!) description of Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model […]

Google's Ngram Viewer shows that planning is falling from favor as strategy rises

The Rise and Fall of Strategy and Planning

Imagine that you could dump all the words of a million books from the past 500 years into a giant database, and look to see how various words have waxed and waned in usage over the centuries.  You could look and see when archaic words like thou and yon disappeared from popular usage.  You could […]

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