Bring Sunshine

When we bring sunshine into the lives of others, we’re warmed by it ourselves.  When we spill a little happiness, it splashes on us. – Barbara Johnson

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A Legend Remembered

I was one of the millions whose life has been transformed because of Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s life and work.  This is my tribute to him, an influential teacher and legend in my life. My heart breaks knowing that his life on Earth is over and my heart rejoices for all the ways he left […]

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Success vs. Faith – Separate But Equal??

I read an article recently where the author said that Success belonged to the secular world and Faith belonged to the spiritual world.  –What?? — Really?!?! What do you think? · Is Success only allowed, important, relevant in the secular world? · Is Faith only allowed, important, relevant in the spiritual world (matters of spirit)? […]

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