Offering Your Gifts in Service

I usually start my workshops by asking people why they are interested in the topic of spirituality and work, and have them say what kind of work they do.  One woman said she was a bus driver as well as a Reiki Master.  When I asked her about that unusual combination she said it was a perfect […]

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What is Spirituality at Work?

In my travels around the country providing workshops on the topic of working spiritually, I’ve found consistently that people are looking for ways to have their work make a difference and to feel energized in a richer way in their work.  I want to explore here a few ways that you might examine spirituality in your work. I provide a framework in […]

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Welcome to the Spirituality blog!

We’re Janae Bower and Linda Ferguson and we’re the co-hosts of this blog. You can read more about each of us next to our pictures in the sidebar.   This blog will be about various aspects of spirituality in the workplace, and will focus especially on practical tips and tools, and will include posts from […]

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