Time out is Time In

‘Tis the season for vacations and preparing children to go back to school.  I heard a woman recently proclaim that she has too much work to do to take time off.  It’s a common complaint.  Yet, just as getting an oil change every 3-4 months keeps the engine running smoother, so too we need time […]

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Setting Your Highest Intention

I wrote a few weeks ago about a ceremony I did with an EcoShaman group to visualize the world we wanted to create. It was a full day of drumming, singing, chanting in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Using American Indian hand drums, we sent our intent for a new world to be born, based […]

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Dealing with Difficult Co-Workers

Often our most challenging times at work are dealing with people who push our hot buttons in some way. Perhaps we experience them as being uncooperative, unsupportive, intimidating, or outright vindictive.  While I can understand you would want to run from these people as fast as you can, I encourage you to stop in your […]

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