Separation or Connection: Creating Harmony

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    The Grand Jury decisions in Ferguson MO and NY have been challenging for me. I grew up close to St. Louis so that situation struck close to home. I began reflecting on how to create harmony in our communities and work when anger and grief emerge.

    I recently attended a talk by a spiritual teacher and asked about the current issue of race relations. He said the conflict and disturbances are caused by Separation, separation from others and from God. I want to expand on that idea in this post.

    Separation – Us vs. Them

    We experience separation when we perceive others as different – based on their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, personality etc. This separation creates disharmony.

    It is the ego, small self, personality level thinking that creates separation. It’s too easy to categorize people into Us and Them — My people (company, team, neighborhood) vs. Other.

    To get past your perceptions of differences, focus instead on the Divine Nature of others. As you focus on their Divine Essence, you see them in a new way. When you focus on their Divine Nature, everything else becomes trivial.

    When people around the planet get past the illusion of difference, we will know lasting peace.


    From a spiritual perspective, we are all beings of Light. The outer appearances, behaviors, and personality are merely wrapping paper.

    Everyone is expressing their Divine Nature the best way they know how. And….many have forgotten their Divine Nature.

    We are Divine Essence expressed in millions of different ways around the planet. No one expression of Divine Nature is better or worse than any other.

    Creating Harmony

    So the key to improving race relations, or any type of disharmony based on Us vs. Them thinking and perceiving, is to Remember (re-member) we are all beings of Light.

    When you are pressed for time, when others don’t act as you want them to, when you don’t act as you would like to, remember this….Peace comes from remembering you and everyone else are Divine Expressions.

    Reach inward to remember and feel your Divine Nature. With this connection, you’ll see others more clearly as Divine Beings expressing their Light the best way they know how.

    Walk the path of Love not fear. Aho!


    Linda J. Ferguson, Ph.D. is the author of two books on spiritual living. Linda is a Job and Life Coach for people who are ready to release their doubts, fears, and self-limiting beliefs. Linda helps her clients bring greater joy and balance to their work and life.

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