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    Waiting for my son’s well check-up in the doctor’s office we read a book together. It was one that we read together last year in the challenge reading program that I volunteer for in his school. It’s called Zen Shorts and is a good story with some great messages that have been passed down through the generations.
    I was reminded of one of my favorites and this is my interpretation of it. It’s about two monks that are near a big puddle. There is a queen who needs to cross the puddle and her helpers are busy carrying all of her belongings so they can’t carry her. She refuses to cross the puddle so the older monk carries her across on his back. When they are safely on the other side, she refuses to thank or acknowledge him.
    The two monks continue walking. The younger monk, who was been stewing about what happened for hours, finally can’t hold it in any longer. He shares his disgrace for how the woman treated him and asked why he doesn’t seem upset by it.
    The older and wiser monk responds, “I stopped carrying her hours ago and suggest that you do the same.”
    We often carrying things with us much longer than we should that keep us stressed and sabotage our success.
    If you want to go deeper on how to avoid the mistakes that keep us from having the peace of mind like the older monk I mentioned above, to I suggest that you listen to the new and free inspirational audio presentation I created on this. Click here.


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