Path for Greatness: Work as Spiritual Service

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    I decided to share excerpts of my first book, “Path for Greatness: Work as Spiritual Service” as a series for this year. I’ve shared this book with groups around the country and with professional associations to great reviews. I look forward to sharing the ideas from my book with you.

    To a wonderful new year of exciting opportunities and positive changes.


    Excerpts from the Introduction – “Path for Greatness: Work as Spiritual Service”, pg 4-6

    My purpose for doing this book comes from my desire to propose another way of working, a way that leaves people feeling fulfilled rather than empty, enriched rather than drained, affirmed rather than angry. We focus on growing spiritually during our daily work to live our personal greatness.

    Like so many others, I have a strong yearning to bring my wholeness of being into alignment with my work. The task of writing this book has been a challenge for me to work spiritually, to keep open to guidance and inner clarity as I struggle to find the right words to put on the page. My process of living in the moment with my work – being both task-oriented and spiritually aware- provided me the experience of living what I was writing. ……..

    When we understand that our life quest is to grow spiritually, we can live this quest through the myriad of experiences that allow us to be more compassionate and loving, anywhere and at any time we choose. This is the ultimate in living a spiritually great life. I invite you to enter the book from whatever point along your spiritual path you are.

    ………Words such as compassion, authenticity, awareness or trust may be easy to accept as workplace language, whereas words such as forgiveness, mindfulness, atonement, or love may be harder for some people to use at work. …… I use language from various faith traditions so that people will understand the universality of the concepts presented. I use stories from various faith traditions to show that working spiritually isn’t based on one belief system or connected to any single religious doctrine. It is important that people understand the distinction I make in chapter 4 between spirituality and religion. I hope to reclaim some traditionally “religious” words as universal human characteristics so they can be used at work and in organizations…………

    You are invited to explore, to question, to experiment with the ideas in the hope that you will be able to experience your wholeness of being and connectedness with others as well as the Divine Spirit.

    If you are reading this now, then you are ready to grown towards your greatness. If this book speaks to a truth inside of you, then you are ready to find ways to work spiritually.


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