The Principle of Two Hands

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    I attended a conference last week where one of the speakers shared a quote her mother used to tell her. I’ll call it the Principle of Two Hands:

    You were given two hands. Use one hand to help yourself and the other to help those around you.

    One Hand to Help Yourself

    Let’s look at how this principle applies to your work projects. The most obvious way is to take action where you can rather than procrastinate or delay. Procrastination often is a sign of resistance. That which you resist, persists.

    Chunk down the project you need to complete and do one piece of it today to start making progress. Once you feel some momentum, you build energy to keep moving forward. If you’ve imagined the project as being too overwhelming, you’ve defeated yourself before you even start. Often the task isn’t as daunting once you get going on it.

    Are you feeling stuck or blocked and can’t find your way around a barrier? Have you asked for help or do you think you need to do it on your own? Using one hand to help yourself doesn’t mean you need to do everything by yourself. There are resources all around you. Expand your horizons a bit to see what assistance and resources are available to help you move forward.

    Do you need more focus and clarity on next steps to reach an important goal? Often working with a coach helps you shift perspective about a block in your path. Perhaps there’s a mentor or advisor you can call on to provide some insights or shed light on new approaches to take.

    Pay attention this week to how you are helping yourself or standing in your own way. Pride can be a motivating force, but ego can hold you back if you think you know it all or can do it alone.

    One Hand to Help Others

    Give with an open heart and you never know the impact you will have one someone’s life.

    • How are you extending your second hand to help others?
    • When was the last time you helped someone with their work purely for the sake of helping them succeed?

    This week as the effects of Hurricane Sandy unfold, we’re all called to step up and show up as the radiant, magnificent expression of Love in Action.

    Extend your hand in loving service to strengthen the chain of caring and kindness.

    Bright Blessings.


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