Key to Productive Teams: Who are You Being?

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    I’m always inspired by Jeffrey Swartz, former CEO of Timberland Co. He understands that who you are being at work matters just as much as the activities that you do.

    I’ve often pondered the interplay of Beings and Doing. Our work world puts waaaaaaay more emphasis on doing- being productive, keeping busy, meeting deadlines, accountability for performance. How many performance appraisals give weight to Who You Are Being at work? …..What gets rewarded gets repeated.

    So why not reward who you are being that supports a positive workplace? Think of how many projects get derailed because people don’t get along or can’t stand each other! If managers and executives paid more attention to who staff are being , it would help teams be more productive.

    Notice this week how much energy you give to what you do vs. who you are being.

    • Are you being kind?
    • Are you being gracious?
    • Are you being open-minded and open-hearted?

    I love to share this story of how Jeffrey Swartz realized that who he was being as CEO of a Fortune 500 company was just as important as what he was doing.

    Enjoy! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think of his moment of awakening.

    Here’s a Special Bonus– This interview with Jeff shows his commitment to his faith and his belief that businesses play a vital role in social justice. He shares his views that engaged consumerism is the key to social change- “Interview with Jeffrey Swartz”

    I am grateful for his commitment to corporate social responsibility and his understanding that work and spiritual life are interconnected.


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