Man and Mom on the Moon

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    One of the most precious stories happened recently with my two-year-old son Garrett. We were playing at the park with a favorite neighborhood family one evening. This other family’s mom was talking to another couple in the neighborhood so wasn’t at the park yet. Her two children were missing her, especially her two-year-old daughter, Milan. When their son asked where their mom is, their dad, Rich, joked and said “She’s on the moon.”
    After this conversation Garrett begins to wander off, like he often does. This time I see him walking toward home and reaching his hand up. I catch up to him right before the road and ask where he is going. He is saying with tears in his eyes “Milan’s mom is on the moon.” His hands extend up toward the moon. I was in awe at his response and go along with it. “Are you looking for her?” “Yeah,” he cries, “Milan misses her.” So I bring him back to both John and Rich to share this innocent and literal story.
    I say, “Garrett can you tell them who you were looking for.” He responds. “Milan’s mom on the moon.” He cries and both the guys like me are shocked by his response. He wholeheartedly believes that she was on the moon and was willing to go there. At least make the first few steps to attempt it.
    This story happened the night before Neil Armstrong died. When most of us think of the moon, we think of this legend, the first man who reached the moon in 1969 and uttered one of our history’s most famous proclamations “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
    The leader of our nation then, John F. Kennedy’s commitment to send a man to the moon in the 1960’s and his (and the rest of the crew) fulfilling it with the Apollo 11 spacecraft is an excellent example of great vision and faith.
    This is what a couple leaders of our country have to say now about him according to this press release.
    “When he and his fellow crew members lifted off aboard Apollo 11 in 1969, they carried with them the aspirations of an entire nation. They set out to show the world that the American spirit can see beyond what seems unimaginable — that with enough drive and ingenuity, anything is possible,” Obama said.
    Obama’s Republican opponent Mitt Romney echoed those sentiments, calling Armstrong an American hero whose passion for space, science and discovery will inspire him for the rest of his life. “With courage unmeasured and unbounded love for his country, he walked where man had never walked before. The moon will miss its first son of earth,” Romney said.
    His exploration and living out this American spirit and aspiration is in the history books forever. Few of us will be remembered in America’s history books for living out our destiny, but we will all be remembered for living out our destiny to the circle of people in which we are to influence and inspire – our family, our friends, co-workers, clients, community members etc… In fact tonight as just our family was at the same park and Garrett looked up at the moon, I said to my oldest son Gavin maybe Garrett will be an astronaut.
    Just like this feat finally conquered in 1969, it all starts with an incredible vision of one. One who is not afraid to believe in and voice his aspirations. After giving voice to the vision then the small steps, which no man has ever gone before, can follow. It takes ingenuity and drive, along with the childlike faith like my son to really believe. Garrett wholeheartedly believed his friends’ mother was on the moon and took the steps to prove his faith.
    When we follow our aspirations, God will help us create a path where no man has gone before. Why follow the path others have taken, when God has created a unique one for you. Like the moon’s light, He’ll guide you with enough light when you can’t see the future ahead. You’ll see how a step you to take today that will be a giant step forever marked in your destiny. Those future generations who will be honoring your legacy will be inspired by how you shine with your bold moves and your dreams leading the way.
    Go ahead, take a step. Reach up for the moon and release your aspirations.


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