Make My Heart Thy Divine Temple

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    Here’s a music meditation I put together using a sacred chant and pictures of various temples and scenes in Asia.

    Take some time this week to watch this video and reflect on how your heart is open and welcoming.

    How open are you to generosity when it appears?

    How open are you to friendship when it appears?

    How welcoming are you to joy in your life?

    Make your heart a Divine Temple of peace, love, joy, compassion, wholeness.

    The music is by Len Seligman. I heard him last fall when he led a session of the Dances of Universal Peace. Visit his website – to hear more of this work. His latest CD, “Head Over Heels”, is a collection of sacred chants and songs from various faith traditions.

    The pictures are from my niece’s study abroad trip to Asia this winter and spring. She’s a very talented photographer so you’ll enjoy her pictures.

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