2 responses to “Walk the Beauty Way”

  1. Dan Juraschek

    It really is beautiful, this time of year. The challenge with beauty is to get our hearts out of the presssure of commuting, to-do lists and frantic deadlines. I know that it only takes a moment, but you have to take that moment. Years ago, I was walking to lunch with a geologist friend. As we passed what was to me, a pile of construction gravel, he stopped and picked up a few stones. As he held some of the stones up to the sun, and cought some of the light a piece of gravel turned into a rough gem. As he shared some of the science behing the stone and from the composition of it’s neighbors, he identified the location of the stone’s quary. Construction gravel transformed from ordinary to a thing of beauty. Amazing! And now, years later, when I can, i stop to pick up stones from the gravel, and hold them up and appreciate the beauty. It is like airing up a house that has been closed for a long time. Even ordinary gravel can refresh the soul.

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