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  1. spiritual guidance

    I agreed to you that god is the greatest coach for us, who is available all the time when we needed. I believe that spiritual guidance is a wonderful strategy to connect with dreams. Though I loved the way you have describe about “Dream Investors”. It made me more inspiration with my dreams.

  2. Linda Ferguson

    Janae – I can totally relate to this blog post. I too had a similar wonderful experience happen recently. I attended a workshop with Marianne Williamson over the weekend. I’ve loved and followed her work for many years and was thrilled to get to hear her live. A couple weeks ago my partner asked me, “you’re going to give her a copy of your new book (Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand) aren’t you?” Well that thought had never occurred to me, but I say, “yes I will”.

    Sat. morning I was in the shower and trying to figure out how I was going to get to Marianne at the program that day to give her a copy of my book. I turned it over to my spirit guides and asked them to help me. All morning I tuned in to Love hearing her message. I realized that I was going to attract her attention by being present to Love.

    When she opened up her talk for Q&A, I was in such a place of gratitude and love from her talk that I just beamed that love to her and everyone in the room. I raised my hand and she called on me.

    I thanked her for being such a wonderful mirror of love for us and for reminding us of our path to walk of love. I was almost in tears as I said this because I was so filled with love. She walked down the stage and came up to me. I asked her about how to handle fear and then reached down and got a copy of my book that I had brought for her. I handed it to her and said this was a book on awakening soul consciousness. She looked at the book and asked if it was mine. I said yes and met her eyes. it was magical. She took my book and walked back up to the stage to answer my question.

    I knew that God and my spirit guides had brought us together. I know that Marianne will read my book and be inspired by it and will help me bring it to a wider audience. I know I am here to be a messenger for greater love and conscious transformation on the planet.

    It’s so awesome when we get to meet our (s)heroes and receive the blessings of spirit to make miracles happen.

    Thanks for writing this blog to encourage others to believe in their dreams!

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