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    As we approach the Valentine’s holiday it’s a good time to reflect on those things we love. Take some time in the next week to remember not only your loved ones, but all those things in your life that you love to do. Plan some activity to re-energize. Do something you love.

    Do What you Love

    Music is one love of mine, it helps me re-connect with my soul. There’s nothing like an uplifting song to help me get through a tough time or renew my faith in humanity. As you reflect on the things you love, that fill your heart with joy and nourish your soul, consider how much of a priority you give to doing them.

    • What will help you create more time to do those things you love?

    Follow Your Passion and Purpose

    Many of you have probably heard of Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who amazed and surprised everyone in 2009 on Britain’s Got Talent, including Simon Cowell. She’s now gone on to make her living from singing, a dream she always had.

    • What is holding you back from really stepping forward to reach your dreams?

    If you haven’t seen that original performance, click here . Like most of the other 85 million of us who saw this video, your heart will soar as you watch Susan share her passion and live her dream. Last year Susan sold more records than Lady Gaga. Now, even as she’s outsold Paul McCartney and Elton John, she says she is just an ordinary person with a job to do.

    I like getting and sharing good video clips of inspiring people. I saw this interview recently of Susan Boyle by Pierce Morgan. He asks her about fame, doing what she loves, and pursuing her dreams. What strikes me about her interview is that she says she puts her love of the job first, over any interest in how well she’s selling records or doing financially. Her fame hasn’t gone to her head, she embraces her job as a singer now, and she still sings for the love of it.

    Watch these video clips to help inspire you to follow your dreams, do what you love, and share your gifts with the world.

    Have a Happy Valentine’s Day doing what you love and sharing your love with others.


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