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    An old business maxim is “What gets measured gets rewarded. What gets rewarded gets repeated.” It’s worth taking some time to stop and reflect on what you are measuring in your work and life. Think of this exercise as an end-of-year inventory of your inner world, your spiritual supplies.

    Items you could include in your year-end Inventory:

    1. What percent of your values show up in your work every day?

    2. What is your weekly average of looking for grace in challenging situations?

    3. How many envelops of Care did you share?

    4. How many times have you acted with integrity or demonstrated that you are trustworthy?

    5. How many cartons of humility do you have? How many crates of empathy?

    6. What is your weekly average of losing your patience or your temper at work?

    7. How many bundles of ‘Loving the Precious Present’ did you use this year?

    8. What is your ratio of self-limiting beliefs vs. abundance thoughts?

    9. How many ‘Pay It Forward’ packages did you share this year?

    10. How many times have you laughed with a co-worker or brought joy into your work?

    As you think of your goals for the coming year, consider making some goals about how you want to be at work and who you want to be. What areas do you want to grow next year regarding your inner richness, your spiritual character, your alignment of values with your work? Create clear and specific measures for them.

    When you pay attention to those things of meaning in your life, you focus more energy on it. Set your intention to measure those things that have meaning to you and monitor it regularly. Do this for the first quarter of the year and see what unfolds in your work. Feel free to share with me any wonderful shifts or manifestations that appear in your work.

    May you find joy and strength expressing and experiencing the Magnificence of Who You Are!


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