2 responses to “Lessons from a Kung Fu Panda”

  1. Cindy Landon

    Awesome…really does capture what i believe everyone can relate to in the work place.

  2. Jason Novosel (Novohorizons)

    Wow Linda! I appreciated this article on 3 major levels – 1. The fantastic analogies (I am a fan of Star Wars, particularly. Also, couldn’t Master Shifu be Gandalf from LOTR? lol.) 2. The clear explanations in relation to actual workplaces. 3. Relating the subject matter to my own personal experiences.

    As a writer then, mission accomplished! I’m passing this article on to some people who might also relate. I also want to post a link to it on my own facebook blog (http://www.facebook.com/Novohorizons). I hope you don’t mind :)

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