The Egoectomy Procedure

Greg Law is a long time friend and one of the many people awakening now on our little planet.  Greg has worked as an I.T. person most of his life, while quietly offloading a very persistent ego.  He hopes to interest medical researchers in making the egoectomy procedure the next big thing in medicine.  He says it makes a great pre-requisite to any other medical procedure you might be considering.

Greg is a guest blogger this week and offers his thoughts below about the crying (and laughing) need of our time.

  1. Definition of ego
    Ego is the false self. It is the thinking mind, the voice in your head that is constantly labeling, criticizing, and making up strategies – pretending all the while to be you. It’s main concern is “What’s in it for me?”. It says “I am [your name]. I am a pure spirit, and I have this body and mind. I have this history, these beliefs, these likes, and these dislikes.” You generally believe what it says and let it speak for you. It seems rational, objective. It seems to make sense.
  2. Egoectomy
    Egoectomy is the removal of ego, the unseating of it from the driver’s seat of your life. This is accomplished by simple observation.
  3. Why remove ego?
    That is certainly ego’s first question! The short answer is that ego makes trouble. Whenever things don’t go the way ego wants them to go, you can feel it rising up to resist. If things do go the way ego thought it wanted them, it soon finds that too unsatisfying. Thus does ego create unhappiness, problems, and all manner of conflict. In short, ego brings suffering upon its host and generates hardship for others in the process.
  4. Trying
    Trying to remove ego directly is very trying indeed! What tries IS ego, and its survival instinct is very strong. Ego may even say “Ego is now gone from me!”. This is frequently experienced in the early days of an egoectomy. Ego disguises itself as you, and everyone believes it IS you. Even you believe it!
  5. The real you
    The real you is what notices and not what is noticed. You locate things in space and events in time, yet you cannot be located in space and are eternally present outside time – without beginning or end. While ego runs your life, the real you stays in the background – mesmerized by ego’s drama – lost in the show – unconscious. Read this point again, please.
  6. Noticing nastiness
    Nastiness is a very strong clue that ego is acting out. At first, the real you will probably notice ego in you AFTER you said something really nasty to someone you love. Soon, you’ll be noticing that reactive force rising up BEFORE you begin to actually act it out. You stop identifying with ego very naturally by noticing it in action, because it is very obviously ‘not right’, not you, though it defends its rightness and its ‘me-ness’ at every turn.
  7. Noticing unhappiness
    Less obvious is ego as the quiet critic. Notice how frequently your thoughts find fault. Pay attention. Notice the words “should” and “shouldn’t” in your thoughts. Notice what this feels like in your body. If there’s agitation or tension, ego is at work. Now see how your merely noticing turns agitation to peace and tension to relaxation. When you notice you have a choice, you naturally choose peace.
  8. Biomedical research
    Ego’s direct effects in the body are felt, for example, as increased heart rate and sweaty palms. These and other biomedical indicators are easily measurable through non-invasive means.
  9. Why research?
    Verifying reduced egoic functioning through biomedical research will make evident the pervasive benefits of the egoectomy procedure. It will take ego-free living out of the realm of philosophy and mysticism into the practical everyday life of the individual. Yes, it’s about marketing.
  10. Purposeful living
    With ego removed, your purposes are universal rather than selfish. With the false “I”, “me”, and “mine” gone, the “What’s in it for me?” is gone as well. Free of ego, what flows through you is that universal intelligence that keeps all things in order everywhere: the planets, the stars, the galaxies, the cycles of nature, the many processes that keep our wonderful bodies functioning. You start truly purposeful living.


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