2 responses to “Cows Can Be Purple”

  1. Cindy Landon

    Linda, that was great AND is exactly where im at today. Cows can be purple and your grandmother is/was a great inspiration.

    Thank you for a great message today and everyday.

    Peace and Love

  2. Shyam

    Linda, I would really buy your thoughts on limiting beliefs. Its something as I can relate with myself.

    I delivered the best in my life, was the moment when I was sure about my potential, was not looking for validations from others.
    I was more into realization that no one can hurt me as I am more than just this physical appearance that I project to others. Anything negative related to it, can be easily ignored, as if it looses its power to effect my state of well being.
    I really want to know about it more and more thoughts. if you can suggest some valuable literature in this context would be gr8.


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